Extra Case Deal LIVE NOW

Now through the end of February we’re throwing in an extra case, six bottles, of our choosing for all orders of 12 bottles or more! Just add 12 bottles (of any combination of flavors) to your cart and you’ll auto-magically get a six bottle sampler pack added!

Drink em, gift em, or mix all the flavors together in an experimental jungle juice style middler-schooler at the movies punch. Anything goes.

Shop now, add 12 or more bottles, and get your six free.

This applies to both shipped or delivery orders. You’ll get whatever flavors we give you, and you’ll like it. No take backs or complaining allowed! As always, we recommend our kombucha be stored under refrigeration, but thankfully it’s winter and you can probably just toss those extra bottles in your garage.

Not sure what flavor to try?

Marg Simpson is a long time crowd favorite and one of our most popular flavors. We juice real live margaritas, taking their essence, before combining it with busy tea for an any-time trip to margaritaville.